The bank Auction your Property and Sue you for Bankruptcy?

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a record-high increase in the number of property auctions all across the country. The sluggish economy has made an unprecedented increase in unemployment, which has been compounded by rising costs of living and high house prices. Many people are now living at the edge, and can fall into a spiral of debt and repossession – any time. With just one wrong decision, you can suddenly become homeless.

Auction Property Malaysia

If you are finding a hard time keeping up with your financial obligations, particularly bank loan repayments, you must decide to face the problem immediately. LENDERS NEVER TAKE REPOSSESSION LIGHTLY so it is important that you act as soon as if you don’t want to lose your home. Call us now of complete the form as we can help you now!
Once you realize the threat of repossession, stop the blame game, accept the fact and start solving the problem at hand. It may not be your fault why you are facing this financial dilemma. You also need to understand that eviction is not shameful – there are hundreds, even thousands, of other people who are like you facing the same situation, some who we have already helped. It gives a certain degree of solace to know that you are not alone.

Bank CTOS Blacklisted and Bankruptcy

From the second your properties or houses are foreclosed, your name will be blacklisted in CTOS. CTOS is used by banks for customer’s credit status and credibility checking in loan applications. Blacklisted record can never be erased even if you have successfully turned your life around in the future. Bankruptcy is a financial situation that must be avoided because for a bankrupt person, not only his future credit status will be affected, but even his employment chances may be negatively influenced. To avoid it, you need to equip yourself with ways on how you can bring down your chances of facing bankruptcy

Sell House Fast Before Bank Lelong

The best way to evade from repossession and lifetime of financial repercussions is to sell your property to one of our cash buyers. If you agree to sell your property to one of our cash buyers, you can get quick cash, pay your outstanding credit, and avoid bankruptcy and its adverse effects on your credit history. Even if your house has negative equity or a financial liability or there is an ongoing repossession proceeding, we can still assist you through the best way out of your debt problems.

Contact us now before it’s too late. We’ll guide you through the process so that you can prevent bankruptcy. Our specialists will help resolve your problem within 3 days of transferring your property. Our cash buyers will also be ready to appear before the mortgage company, solicitor and the courts to testify of the sale and ultimately stop the repossession process, if any. We know that no one would ever want to be evicted out of their home – their place of security and comfort – thus we aim to help every family facing such tough financial times.

Our offer is genuine cooperation and we are here to help you out. Call us now to assess your situation and get the best advice. We’ll wait for your call!

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