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Property FAQs

We are a network of private property investors that have multiple solutions to help you sell your property fast and hassle-free. We have cash investors, i.e. cash buyers, who can pay cash for your property so you can have money in your bank within weeks rather than months.
This service is for anyone wishing to sell their property quickly and hassle-free with tailored solutions that best suit their circumstances.
  • We invest in property and help sellers move on at the same time and thus, offering win-win solutions.
  • We have multiple solutions that can help clients sell their property fast and are adaptable to their circumstances.
  • We communicate with our clients directly with no estate agents involved.
  • We can relieve mortgage payments if they become a burden, with a view to buying the property in the future.
A cash buyer is someone who has access to fast cash to buy a property.  This means having finance agreed in principle and not being stuck in a chain in which they need to sell a property first before they can buy another.  In addition, a cash buyer today has other methods that are probably more suitable for helping the sellers, e.g. using lease options or delayed settlement.
  • You can move on quickly in as little as 28 days.
  • You may expect a friendly service that will listen and understand your needs.
  • You save time and money as the service is totally free.
  • You get the best solution for your circumstance as we have more than one investor within our network.
  • You can save on estate agents’ fees and solicitors’ fees.
  • You have absolute privacy as it takes only one viewing and the sale is totally confidential.
  • You save hassle and money as there is no need to decorate the property.
  • You may stop paying the mortgage immediately if necessary.
  • You may rent the property back if you wish
Not necessarily. We are happy to work with you as is! Of course if you do renovate,  it will be worth more, but if you cant afford to or don’t have the time then its still ok.
This is known as an “Upside Down” loan. These instances are dealt with on a case by case basis. Basically, we will take over your loan repayments and rent your house out until the loan is under control. After a number of years your loan will be paid out and you wont owe a thing!
Depending on the circumstances this is definitely possible. But there are many variables that need to be considered and we make sure that our offer is fair and reasonable, but also realistic and achievable, within the constraints that you have given us.

A real estate agent, a bank, an off-the-street buyer and you, will have very different ideas of what your property is worth. Even then, what you put in your pocket after the sale is usually quite different to the sale price itself!

It is quite common for a property to sell for up to 10% less than what the agent listed it for. Often you will need to do some repairs (at your cost) to make it ‘marketable’ for the agent. Add to this your holding costs (the mortgage repayments, insurances, rates etc) while your property is sitting on the market and of course the agents’ commissions and selling fees and you are looking at tens of thousands of money that come out of your pocket!

We don’t charge service fees or take commissions, so the price we agree upon is what will go into your pocket.

It depends on the situation and how flexible you can be. In some cases we can solve the problem within days. However, we will work with you according to your schedule and needs.
No, absolutely. However, we would like to create a win / win situation, so please help us back by telling us what you can accept, and we will tailor make a solution for you. In other words, don’t tell us what you won’t do, tell us what you will do.
Yes, you may. We understand that you may not want to lose the familiarity and security of the home you have been living in. Please let us know early in the process and we will try our best to help you.
Yes, you may. You can sell your property to a buyer and then rent the property back from the buyer with the option to own back the property in future.
If you get repossessed (rumah lelong), your CCRIS will be affected and you may never be qualified for another loan or mortgage again. You and your family will have to move out and find other accommodation. It is in your best interest to do whatever is necessary to stop repossession before it becomes too late. If you agree to sell your property to one of our cash buyers, you can obtain a stay of repossession from the court. We can negotiate with the bank on your behalf and stop your repossession at any stage.
Yes. At PropertySolutionsMaster, we have cash buyers who can give you a written offer within 48 hours just after one viewing.  You can receive the cash within 28 days on completion and be free to move on and rebuild your lives separately. Since you are dealing with a buyer directly, you save on the estate agency fees too.
Yes. If you and your family have inherited a property, a much more efficient and economic way to release the money from an inherited property is to sell it to a cash property buyer. If you are willing to reduce the price of the property, we will give you a written offer within 48 hours just after one viewing.

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