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Yes! You can Buy A Home!

Thought you couldn’t Buy A Home?

Are you tired of paying “DEAD RENT”?

Looking to break into the property market?

Rejected by the banks?

Don’t have a huge down payments?

Its ok, because you can


Just because most people buy their homes with a bank mortgage, it doesn’t mean that’s the only way. Buying a house can be no different to buying a car or a TV.

If you don’t have the minimum 10% deposit to get a mortgage, you can start paying off your home until you are ready!

If you have been knocked back because of a glitch on your credit history or the bank wont talk to you for any reason we can tailor a VENDOR FINANCE solution to help you buy a home!

But how does it work?

We will work with to find a home that you can buy using flexible terms. Instead of requiring a bank loan to secure a lump sum payment for the entire amount, we use vendor finance strategies to make repayments until you are ready to qualify for a mortgage. This means that you don’t need the minimum 10% deposit required by a lending institution and the qualification criteria are much more flexible.

In most cases some kind of up front deposit is required, but often no deposit can be negotiated if other terms can be met.
The aim is to get you to start  living in and paying off your home, right away. In most cases, you will need to refinance after a number of years and take out a loan to complete your purchase and transfer ownership of the home to your name.

Every one is different!

I will work with you on a personal level and based on your individual situation, find out what the best opportunity is for you to buy your next home. No two people have the same story or reason to buy a home without a bank, and with my network of experienced real estate professionals, I will tailor a solution to  your personal dreams and goals of home ownership.

Who does this suit?

Lending institutions have a range of different reason to not give you a loan. This includes:

Bad Credit · Not Enough Deposit · New Immigrant · New Job · Recently Divorced · Too Young / Too Old

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